Epoxy Pros USA® Franchise Description:

Epoxy Pros USA® is a concrete resurfacing company with a primary focus on residential garage makeovers and was established in 2019. We are a turnkey business opportunity designed to have you up and running in as little as 30 days! (unless already established epoxy business as little as 7 days)

We offer a sales, marketing, and advertising platform unrivaled in the industry and not offered by a single other epoxy flooring company anywhere, nationwide!  We GUARANTEE that you’ll be receiving leads from us within 24 hours of launching and generating sales your very first month!

This platform we offer has been tried and tested and led to our ability to open 2 locations in our first 90 days and led to more than 1,000 residential and commercial epoxy floors installed in our first 12 months in business.  Due to this amazing success we are now able to offer franchises in territories that we do not cover currently.

Our products are designed to be installed in a single day installation and backed by our Limited LIFETIME Warranty.  This will allow you to install a product that’s protected for the lifetime of the floor as well as reduce your labor & overhead while maximizing your profits!

Territories Available For Epoxy Pros USA® Franchises:

Nationwide US Available.  

Please inquire as to location availability in your local market(s)

The Business: 

We will empower you and your team with all of our proven tools, systems, and processes necessary to easily earn $500,000.00 – $2,000,000.00. 

Just in Dallas / Ft. Worth territory and surrounding areas Epoxy Pros USA® does over $2,100,000.00 in gross sales per year, which is roughly 600 – 1000 garages per year.  

With our single day install product and an average $4.50 per sq ft for residential garages you can easily earn more than $1,000 Per Day! That’s the advantage of working with our single day install lifetime guaranteed epoxy flooring systems.  See Our Local DFW Numbers Below:

450 Sq Ft * $4.50 $2,025 550 Sq Ft * $4.50 $2,475 650 Sq Ft * $4.50 $2,925
Material $550 Material $650 Material $875
Labor $250 Labor $300 Labor $300
Disposables  $50 Disposables  $75 Disposables  $100
Profit $1,075 Profit $1,450 Profit $1650



Epoxy Pros USA® as a brand may be new as of 2019 but our cabinet & epoxy products we install and resell are manufactured and backed by Versatile Coatings LLC who have been for more than a decade.  

* salaries are based on our local installer rates in the DFW market and will vary depending on your location

** material costs are based on our Roll-on-Rock® epoxy system with Polyaspartic top coat.  Prices get cheaper based on volume based discounts.

Our Products: Manufactured by Versatile Coatings LLC

Roll On Rock® Garage Epoxy Flooring & Coating System

Every Epoxy Flooring Installation Looks Like a Professional High End Floor Coating

The Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring System is a very easy to install epoxy flake floor coating that is applied over garage concrete floors, commercial concrete floors and industrial concrete floors. The Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring kits include enough flake to broadcast them over the wet epoxy flooring to the point of rejection. This installation process allows the installer to throw the flake onto the wet epoxy flooring to the point where the floor is entirely covered up by the flake. This results in a beautiful epoxy floor coating that looks great every time because the installer scrapes off the loose flake and is left with a uniform blanket of flake on the entire concrete floor. There are 50 lbs. of flake included in every two-car garage kit and that ratio is kept as the square-footage increases so every installation will look great, regardless of footage.

Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Kits

America’s Strongest Metallic Epoxy System

The Lava Flow® metallic epoxy system is American-made and America-strong. All Lava Flow® products are produced in the GarageCoatings.com factory in sunny Anaheim where our epoxy experts carefully oversee each step of the production process. This allows us to fully guarantee the quality of our product. The result is an exceptionally strong, exceptionally durable metallic epoxy this is as tough as it is incredible to look at.

Lava Flow® metallic epoxy involves an easy, two-part application. First, simply apply the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy primer to exposed concrete. This primer uses an advanced wicking system to get deeper, stronger adhesion than other primers on the market. With the primer in place, the Lava Flow® metallic epoxy can be applied.

When dry, Lava Flow® metallic epoxy delivers a smooth, glassy finish with gorgeous color shifts and a subtle metallic sparkle. This makes Lava Flow® suitable for a wide variety of spaces, including lobbies, showrooms, and sales floors. Lava Flow® produces a durable finish on its own, but for added scuff-resistance and gloss, you may wish to apply a polyurea/polyaspartic topcoat.

5085 Ultra High Solids Polyaspartic Clear Concrete Flooring Topcoat

5085 Polyaspartic, an Ultra High Solids 2 Component Polyaspartic designed for easier application with fast dry times.  The 5085 High Performance Polyaspartic Flooring was developed for Floor Coating Installers/Contractors that might be a little hesitant about the working time of Polyaspartics due to their reputation of having rapid cure times. As part of the development process, 5085 was tested in real world conditions by experienced installers across the United States of America.  These long-time customers of Versatile Building Products reported real world working times of 35-50 minutes in temperatures ranging up to 88 degrees with 61% humidity. This testing has shown that the 5085 Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coating provides superior pot life and working time when compared to traditional Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Sealers without giving up much of the early cure time that Polyaspartics are known for (walk on time has been reported to be in as few as 2 hours).

 Garage Cabinet Product Line and Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Garage Cabinet Product Line and Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Versatile Building Products is now producing a Garage Cabinet line designed to compliment our popular Garage Floor Epoxy, and Polyaspartic Coating Product line. Our customers will now have the power to do a complete Garage Makeover using the strongest combination of products available. We have designed our cabinets for speed of installation, quality, and appearance. A typical Garage Pantry Cabinet can be assembled in under 10 minutes. We have sourced a very high quality industrial grade Particle Board (per ASTM standards) and are using this as the base for our Melamine. This material provides greater strength for the screws which in turn will give greater strength for the finished Garage Cabinet. The hinges are manufactured in Europe and come with a lifetime guarantee. The handles have a very bold look and are finished to look like brushed stainless steel. We have installed state of the art equipment in our sister warehouse. Using rear loading panel saws, point to point CNC machines, and high speed edge-banders we will have the ability to produce 150 Garage Cabinets per day. All of our highly automated equipment is made by Biesse, the leading Italian Cabinet equipment manufacturer.

What Sets Epoxy Pros USA® Apart:

We offer a Sales & Marketing platform you can’t get with any other Epoxy Flooring Franchise Company… Period!

  1. Google My Business Maps Location (Included)
  2. SEO Optimization (Included)
  3. Social Media Management (Included)
    1. Facebook & Instagram Ads 
    2. Content planning and posting
  1. Epoxy Pros USA® CRM & Lead Management System (Included)
    1. Auto dial, text, and email every lead
    2. Create & manage client tasks & follow ups
    3. Online appointment setting
    4. Two communication mobile app


  • Weekly & monthly sales & marketing training for you and your team (Included)



  • Dedicated payment solutions through Intuit Payments (Included)



  • Dedicated bookkeeping & accounting support through our Quickbooks Enterprise platform (Included)



  • So Much More… 

Investment Requirements: $17,500 – $32,500 Per Location

Start Up Expenses:

  • Territory & Onboarding Fee – $10,000 (Covers The Following)
    • CRM & Lead Management System Set Up & Onboarding 
    • Quickbooks Accounting Software Set Up & Onboarding
    • Facebook Marketing Platform Account Set Up & Onboarding
    • Google Maps Location & SEO Creation & Set Up 
    • Online Product Ordering Account Creation & Set Up
    • One Week Platform Training In Dallas (flight & accommodation not included)
      • 1 day – Lava Flow Metallic® installation training
      • 1 day – Roll-on-Rock® flake system installation training
      • 1 day – Quickbooks Enterprise & payment processing training
      • 1 day – Sales & CRM Training
      • 1 day – Q&A / Review
  • Marketing Fee – $5000 (ad spend for Facebook + PPC + Google SEO) 
  • Branding – $2500 avg 
    • Marketing Materials – (business cards, flyers, print material for tradeshows)
    • Vehicle Wrap – (add our wrap to truck, van, trailer, or all three)
    • Uniforms – (must use our approved branded apparel for installations)


  • Start Up Equipment Package – $15,000 (optional & for brand new companies)

Ongoing Expenses:


  • Marketing Fee – $5000 Mo Min (ad spend for Facebook + PPC + Google SEO)


  • Royalty Fee – 7% Quarterly (Min $12,500 Quarterly / $50,000 Annual)



  • Avg location $500,000 – $650,000 = 40% – 60% Net ( 2 installers + Admin / Sales Staff)


What’s Included In Your Franchise Package:

    1. Exclusive Marketing Territory
    2. Proprietary Epoxy Pros CRM & Lead Management System
    3. Dedicated Bookkeeping & Accounting System Through Quickbooks Enterprise
    4. Google Maps Location & Ongoing SEO Optimization
    6. Dedicated Sales & Marketing Team
    7. One Week Platform Training In Dallas


  • Peace of Mind! 


You can focus on installing and let us focus on generating you new business month after month!

Epoxy Pros USA® Start-Up Equipment Package: (Optional)

20” Startup Package – $15,000 

  • 20″ 120V Grinder Single Speed
  • 9″ Quick Tool Receiver Plate (Box of 3)
  • Double Round Segment Med Hard 25 Grit ChaChing (9/box)
  • Quick Tool RipTip-2 Tip 25 G 3 Pack
  • Quick Tool Twin PCD Scraper (Box of 9)
  • 28 Lb Machine Weight
  • Belts-OF20 HD 640 Kevlar (Box of 3)
  • Dynavac Pro 1600 High Output Vacuum
  • Vacuum Hose 2″x25′ with Cuffs
  • Hose Cuff, 1.5″ ID Grey Vinyl
  • Vacuum Sweeper Tool
  • Vacuum Wand Assembly

What Are The Next Steps:

Step 1: Complete Documentation:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement 
  2. Review & complete Franchise Disclosure Agreement

Step 2: Complete Initial Onboarding

  1. Franchisee Data Sheet
  2. CC / ACH Authorization Docs
  3. Submit Initial Territory Fee – $10,000
  4. Launch Google Maps Location & SEO

Step 3: Training & Onboarding (prior to onsite training)

  1. Branding 
    1. Schedule / Install Vehicle Wraps 
    2. Order installer uniforms
    3. Choose & order print marketing package
  1. Book Flight & Hotel ( 5 days & 5 nights Downtown Dallas)
    1. 1 day – Lava Flow Metallic® installation training
    2. 1 day – Roll-on-Rock® flake system installation training
    3. 1 day – Quickbooks Enterprise & payment processing training
    4. 1 day – Sales & CRM Training
    5. 1 day – Q&A / Review

Step 4: Open Territory

  1. Marketing
    1. Complete Marketing Agreement
    2. Launch Facebook Ads
    3. Start Selling & Installing Floors

 (214) 225-9585