Transform your space with our exceptional metallic epoxy floor services.

Resilient to wear and tear, our metallic epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for your old, used floors. Not only do metallic epoxy floors look great, they also provide the performance of a normal epoxy flooring. With benefits such as anti-slip, antimicrobial, prevention of damage from chipping or fracturing, chemical and stain resistant, these floors add a beautiful finish with extreme durability. Our metallic flooring is made out of a 2 part epoxy, with glitters and pigments are added to give it a metallic finish.

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Benefits of a Metallic Epoxy Floor

  • Quick and easy installation over your existing flooring
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be custom designed to have a unique finish
  • Custom designs can include walkways and markings
  • Provides an anti slip surface
  • Resistant to chemical and oil stains
  • Prevents chips and fractures to existing concrete flooring
  • Little to no maintenance required

Best Places for Metallic Flooring

Metallic floors stand out to give your room an extra shine and dazzle. These metallic floors are awesome for show rooms, car garages, restaurants  and galleries. Or, if you are a flashy person who loves the look, this can be an awesome addition to a room in your own home!

Epoxy Pros DFW Lifetime Guarantee

Epoxy Pros offers a lifetime guarantee on all our products. That means if you find an area that is not completed to your standard, we will come in and fix it for free. Our lifetime guarantee also covers any dents, chips, or fractures that were not caused by an extremely large (over 1000 lbs) force falling on the floors.

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